The GRASP leadership team organizes meetings, facilitates endorsements, and plans for the future.


Steph Davis, Co-Chair

Out of an effort to get to know her neighbors and the politics that affect them, Steph Davis co-founded GRASP with a desire to learn more and share knowledge about the ward system. During the day, Steph works in communications for Katz Radio Group as the political coordinator. Between organizing meetings, she makes three dimensional art and practices the skills learned while earning her BFA from Kutztown University.


Chris Nevin, Co-Chair

Chris views GRASP as a conduit to any issue residents of South Philly care deeply about; to take people out of their personal echo chambers to discuss (respectfully) their differences; inform voters about their ballot choices in advance of Election Day; inform residents of the political structure in South Philadelphia; hopefully encourage you to run for something. Chris is a financial analyst and a committeeperson in Ward 39 Div 37.


Dana Pavlichko, Co-Chair

With the goal of increasing neighbor turnout and interest in local elections, Dana Pavlichko co-founded GRASP to create a venue for neighbors to discuss and demystify local politics. Dana is an elected Committee Person in Ward 1 Division 11 and serves as the First Ward’s Secretary on the Ward Steering Committee. By day, she works as a Senior Designer in Philadelphia, making the web a more organized place for big brands, higher education, and nonprofits.


Karen DiLossi, Co-Chair

Karen DiLossi, a South Philly native and recently elected Committee Person (Ward 39-Div. 43), co-founded GRASP as a way to help her neighbors get more involved in their city government and local community. She sees her neighbors as her teammates working towards the best South Philly possible. Your voice is your vote and, through GRASP, Karen hopes to intensify that voice. Karen has worked in various nonprofit community engagement roles for almost 2 decades. Karen has a BA from Washington College and an MA from Villanova University.