The GRASP Endorsement Process

Last revised: January 2019

Please find below an explanation of GRASP’s Endorsement Process - requirements for voting; defining features for categories of endorsement/recommendation/disapproval; threshold for previously stated categories; the GRASP voting process.

*The Endorsement Process - its terms as stated below - are subject to change determinant by GRASP. Please consider attending organizing meetings and reaching out to GRASP leadership if you have any questions or concerns regarding the format. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed so please feel free to reach out.

Requirements for Voting & Voting Process

  • Must attend(sign-in or check-in) at minimum two (2) GRASP-hosted meetings and/or events within a calendar year

  • Must be a registered voter, OR prove residency (utility bill, etc), within ‘South Philadelphia’ (GRASP considers ‘South Philadelphia’ to be within the city limits of Philadelphia that are south of South Street and between the rivers (Schuylkill & Delaware) OR ‘own a business’ within ‘South Philadelphia’ (definition of ‘owning a business’ is within the discretion of GRASP leadership).

  • Time is given for GRASP to deliberate prior to vote;

  • Once GRASP voter requirements are verified, then a unique GRASP voter number is assigned to each GRASP voter;

  • Voter is provided with a paper ballot and voter submits ballot to ballot box in person during a specific time provided by GRASP;

  • Electronic and absentee ballots will be provided on a case-by-case basis;

Defining features of endorsement, recommendation, disapproval

  • Endorsement - work with candidate on meeting their needs based on GRASP capabilities such as circulating petitions, canvassing, media platform sharing & promotion (Facebook, Twitter, website, GRASP’s newsletter and contact list, among other outlets), ballot tools (including GRASP’s official ballot for distribution), etc.

  • Recommendation - potential support for the candidate on media platforms, possibly indication on ballot tools.

  • Disapproval - actively promoting on media platforms that GRASP does not support the candidate and will be noted that way on GRASP’s official ballot.

Threshold for endorsement

  • Supermajority approval - more than ⅔ (66.6%) of a vote in favor of a candidate

Threshold for recommendation

  • Simple majority approval - 51% in favor of a candidate

Threshold for disapproval

  • Requires a motion by a GRASP member for a vote, which is seconded, to indicate that we recommend not voting for a specific candidate on the ballot

  • Supermajority - more than ⅔ (66.6%) of a vote to indicate disapproval