Grassroots Advocacy for South Philadelphia

We’re a group of friends and neighbors dedicated to connecting residents with representatives and candidates.

We are non-partisan, and among our main goals is harnessing the power of folks to get involved in politics on a local level.


We meet monthly

Join us for our monthly meetings. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Adobe Cafe. All are welcome!

Second District Brewing
1939 S. Bancroft Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

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Upcoming Events

In addition to our monthly meetings, we continually pursue opportunities to connect our neighbors with candidates and elected officials. Join our Google Calendar and never miss a meeting!


September first Thursday meeting

September 5, 2019: Meet us at Second District Brewing to talk about open primaries and minority party candidates in the city.

The first hour we will be speaking with partners of Open Primaries PA - Jenn Bullock of Independent Pennsylvanians, Pat Christmas on behalf of League of Women Voters Philly and Committee of Seventy, and Micah Sims of Common Cause PA. Discussion will revolve around the coalition's commitment to open and free elections in Pennsylvania that lead to responsive and accountable government. We will also be taking your questions!

The second hour will be a panel discussion of minority party candidates in the city of Philadelphia. We'll discuss how city government is structured for minority parties, mostly relating to City Council, but also talk about how representation in a dominantly one-party city is achieved.

All are welcome!


July 2018

It came from a place of wanting to figure out the [ward] system and be a part of it. We’re looking at harnessing people’s power to vote and make them understand they have that power.

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